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Entry #1

Newgrounds Levels Collab

2010-07-12 19:22:00 by funkycaveman

Levels List
Collab Thread
Teaser Trailer by funkycaveman
Recruit Trailer by HeavyDNY86

New Parts Deadline:

Formatted as:
Part # | Artist | Bio? (YES/NO) | Done / % Completed

Part 1: Damien (YES) - Done!
Part 2: RicePirate (YES) - Done!
Part 3: funkycaveman (YES) - Done!
-Part 4: --EMPTY--
-Part 5: funkycaveman (YES) - 30%
Part 6: Simple-Line (YES) - Done!
-Part 7: NogginmenAnimations (YES) - 20%
Part 8: Trickee (YES) - Done!
Part 9: WAaAzZAaA (YES) - Done!
Part 10: robbe (YES) -Done!
Part 11: NogginmenAnimations (YES) -Done!
Part 12: --EMPTY--
Part 13: TheNooch (YES) - Done!
Part 14: Gem145 (YES) - Done!
Part 15: LazyAss23 (YES) - Done!
-Part 16: LazyAss23 (YES) - 10%
Part 17: WAaAzZAaA (YES) - Done!
Part 18: K-Guare (YES) - Done!
Part 19: Icandraw (NO) -Done!
Part 20: --EMPTY--
Part 21: Noxx11 (YES) - Done!
Part 22: TheWanderingBard (YES) - Done!
Part 23: RicePirate (YES) - Done!
Part 24: blubfaceproduction (NO) - Done!
Part 25: treefrogproductions (NO) - Done!
Part 26: 51lver (YES) - Done!
Part 27: KingDavid(YES) - Done!
Part 28: 51lver (YES) - Done!
Part 29: RedHarvest (YES) - Done!
Part 30: TehSlapHappy (YES) - Done!

Menu: funkycaveman + Mattster - 60%
Credits: 51lver - 100%


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2010-07-28 15:23:00

I also made some credits for this, I'd be happy to send them to you, I've been seriously inactive here, but I thought you might like them. They're in AS2 and ridiculously easy to edit. So if you wanna give me a shout when it's completed I can add the remaining names and some music or you can add music or whatever.

Link for it: 470fa764c37513fb87f2e9d012033bc

funkycaveman responds:

thanks! :)


2010-08-02 06:59:22


While writing this comment, I have decided to send the script to the others who wanted the job.

Also, enjoy the London Meet );

funkycaveman responds:

Thanks! I sent some links to you in the forums, I hope you find a good voice actor. PM me if you have any problems.


2010-08-08 20:00:24

i would sumbit something but i have no idea what any of this means

funkycaveman responds:

I have sent you a PM, check the forum thread and look at the first thread if you want. If you still don't understand I suggest this collab is not the one for you.


2010-08-21 18:38:57

Hey, hotness. <3

funkycaveman responds:

heya, honeykins xx


2010-08-22 01:26:07

still working ... i think that i will finish it in few days D:

funkycaveman responds:

Sent a PM regarding this matter.


2010-09-24 14:10:28

hows the collab going?

funkycaveman responds:

slowly, real slow. Thanks for asking!


2010-10-03 21:10:33

Happy 3,333 post.

funkycaveman responds:

thanks, it was in the flash reg lounge, where EVERYTHING should be.
Happy 5,750 post to you.


2010-11-18 14:32:11

Hey Funky just to say that if I am offline on MSN it isn't because I blocked you, it is because it is timing out all the time and he don't log in :(

funkycaveman responds:

alright, thanks


2010-12-11 18:44:35

Can't wait!

funkycaveman responds:

So almost finished, need to get your minigame highscores working aswell :(


2010-12-25 13:40:33

Merry Christmas!

funkycaveman responds:

Merry belated xmas to you too!


2011-01-01 20:31:51

This collab has been going on for so long, I've forgotten what my entry was.

funkycaveman responds:

They were playing poker at a table :) collab has been going for too too too long :(


2011-02-23 15:00:01

Wow! your website looks awesome! :D

funkycaveman responds:

thanks, not finished but lots to do. Hopefully will get some exclusive games on there soon. Hope you are well :)


2011-03-03 21:28:53

Dude :D i hope i get a bit of recognition tho my parts not that great

funkycaveman responds:

You will be guaranteed a place on the bio list and the end credits of the collab. once all parts have been completed then HeavyDNY86 and I will choose the most worthy parts for submission. Don't worry people will see your part and that is enough recognition, seeing the epic size of the collab, it should be popular.


2011-03-05 14:21:53

I'm looking forward to check what you're going to put in the Flash Games!! :D

funkycaveman responds:

i think you will be impressed :)


2011-03-19 01:29:50



funkycaveman responds:

damn right.


2011-03-28 17:10:21

I'll send what I have so far in a couple days, sorry for the delay. :0)

funkycaveman responds:

That's fine, I will look forward to seeing it soon :)


2011-06-01 17:37:10

You're still not done with this? Haha. :3

funkycaveman responds:

not quite yet. Very soon! :P


2011-09-04 21:48:45

How's this going?

funkycaveman responds:

good thanks, we are almost ready with all the parts. Mattster is helping with the converting from AS2 to AS3. It's just a mammoth task with the shear amount of parts. :s


2012-02-08 05:07:33

LOL the collab lasted longer than the icons the collab is based on...

funkycaveman responds:

We WILL prevale!


2014-02-03 12:42:51